What is Junction?

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Junction vs CRMs
A CRM is the single source of truth (SSOT) for customer data in an organization, it's one of the most critical applications for sales and operations teams. However CRMs can be strenuous to use. Because they store so much data, they tend to be very slow and without adequate data/process control, they create workflow redundancy and data duplication. For salespeople moving at lightning speed, this causes friction.

Junction is similar to your CRM, without needing to be an additional SSOT. Because we automatically update to your CRM 10x faster than using the application natively.

Your CRM requires you to do the heavy lifting - generating reports to uncover gaps, building custom objects to enrich company data and updating fields as you push the opportunity through the deal cycle. Junction does the heavy lifting for you. We give you access to customer-specific compelling events that you can't get in your CRM and then let you make intelligent sales decisions based on the data.

We are an essential supplement to your CRM.
Junction vs Engagement tools
We love engagement tools, but we are not one.

Cadence, sequencing, automation, scoring, reporting, surveying and intelligence can all be helpful. Junction adds an additional layer on top of this - a super-organizer that finds compelling customer events from both internal and external data sources, allowing you to take informed action.

When you bring your engagement tool inside of Junction, not only can you leverage the native functionality that helps drive success, you also get to map meaningful, related data that is stored both inside and outside of organizational systems to your engagement flow, without ever having to leave a single screen.
Junction vs Enablement tools
Enablement tools give you access to data and resources you use to get your job done. Generally this consists of a repository of collateral, decks and other information.

The data we provide are all compelling customer events. We are not an enablement tool, although we can integrate to them. Unlike enablement tools, we put customers first and center all data around the customer and not around a document, process, system or product. We also work with document management systems such as Drive, Box and Dropbox so you can access customer information within these services.
Junction vs Enrichment tools
Enrichment tools or "data enrichment" is defined as "the association of publicly available, third party data on a lead or customer with what you already know about them in their existing lead or customer record". This definition is flawed.

Today, organization's store millions of bits of data on companies and customers, living outside the "customer record", in applications such as Slack, Google Docs, Confluence, Zendesk and the list goes on. There is already loads of enriched data! The problem is that this data isn't accessed because users don't know it exists.

Data enrichment is not the process of only associating third-party data to a lead or a customer. It should also be thought of as the process of associating meaningful internal data to a lead or a customer.

This is where Junction is different to traditional enrichment services. Not only can we provide lead and company enrichment in the form of emails, numbers, news and financial data, we also provide you with internally relevant data such as past customer interactions, call recordings, slack conversations, logged issues/tickets and with custom configuration, usage/spending data. We provide true customer enrichment.
Junction vs Project management tools
Like project management tools, Junction allows you to stay organized. But we center our super-organizer around your customers, not for your "projects".
Junction vs Task management tools
Our philosophy is "customers first". When you segment tasks based on your customers, you are in more control of your business. You do that with Junction.

"Junction is like the tool for your tools. So much customer data on a single screen! After only one month it's already helped me find a new opportunity" ~Account Executive, Twilio