Revenue Teams Rejoice!

Junction is where sales, marketing, and customer success unite & monetize revenue-driving data across organizational data-silos.

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Connect. Synchronize. VISUALIZE

Unite your data from every tool used in your organization

Clean, validate, and synchronize your data back to their original sources and monitor for changes

Automate workflows that keep sales, marketing and customer success in-sync


20+ Connectors

Junction already supports many critical business tools, with more being added each week.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Tools

Frictionless connections

Monitor and heal data source connections

Zero Code. Easy Setup

Spend less time configuring and mapping your data and let Junction handle the heavy lifting.

Intelligent Data Syncing

Automatic Data Validation


Turn key Reports & Visualizations

See your revenue focused data that way you like it with powerful data visualizations that inspire action.

20+ Charts and graphs to choose from

Load reports and visualizations 2.5x faster that other solutions

"We were about to pick a new CRM at Urgent Care For Kids and I have been trying to figure out if I need one solution that can do everything or review every potential integration. With Junction I am able to have confidence that I can add tools to my system later knowing they can be synchronized."
- Alan Stickler (CTO, Urgent Care For Kids)

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