The Super-organizer
for sales people

Fully customizable. Completely customer-centric.
Work 10x faster when all your customer data
is in the one place.
Try a new way to work

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Frictionless productivity

Say goodbye to multiple browser tabs, context switching, in-app distractions and bad habits. Let tools work for you, not the other way around.

Work 10x faster

Focus on the outcomes of your work, not the capabilities of tools

Have visibility into what activity will net the most value

Universal search

Searching for data across application platforms is tedious. Spend less time searching for information and more time on doing the things that matter.

One search bar for all of your apps!

Unify all of your information

No more wasted time on search - move forward faster

Data integrity

Manually entering the same data in worksheets, CRM, ticket management system and other applications is time consuming and can leave you with bad data. With one click, update all your systems.

Data synchronization across all systems of record

Maintain accurate and up-to-date data

Keep leadership happy by sticking to organizational data management policies

Your Super-organizer!

Salespeople have a ton of responsibility. You're expected to know everything about every customer and make sure internal teams are well informed. Impossible right? Not anymore!

Organize your tasks around your customer

Bring in all data that exists within your business systems so you can work faster

A customer-oriented task management approach allows you to prioritize and win more deals

"Junction is like the tool for your tools. So much customer data on a single screen! After only one month it's already helped me find a new opportunity" ~Account Executive, Twilio