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How does Junction work?

After connecting to a data source, Junction "pulls in", validates, standardizing and re-sync your data back to it's original source. Junction also creates a "pool" of your data so that you can further define rules to "govern" the data or apply custom automations..

What is a "Connector"?

A Junction Connector is an authenticated connection to an external SAAS application (otherwise called an "Integration"). For example, if one or more members of an organization connects to Salesforce, that will be counted as a single connection. A connection is counted per SAAS application and NOT per user.

What is the Junction Data Studio?

The "Junction Data Studio" helps you visualize the flow of data that is mapped to the "Junction Common Scheme (JCS)"

What is the Junction Tool Creator?

The "Junction Tool Creator" is a drag and drop interface that allows you to build internal applications that are based on the data in your "Junction Data Pool (JDP)".

Will I be locked in a contract?

Customers are never locked in a contract. We offer Month-to-month and yearly pricing plans. However, please keep in mind that yearly upfront payments are non-refundable.

Do you offer support?

Yes we do. You can talk to us in-app at any time.

Can I share my account with my manager for visibility?

No need! Your manager will have his/her own view since all of our pricing plans offer unlimited users.

What if I don't see a connector/integration that I need?

Please let us know about it by submitting a request from inside of the application. Integrations will be prioritized based on our customer's feedback and chances are we can get yours added quickly.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using enterprise grade encryption. Here's the nerd talk if you are into that sort of stuff. AES 256-bit Encryption under FIPS140-2 Standards, HIPAA eligible, and SOCII, ISO & PCI compliance ready.

Where do I leave feedback?

Please leave your feedback in-app using the "Feedback" tab on the right hand side of the screen, or email apps@getjunction.io. We are always happy to hear from you.

"Junction is like the tool for your tools. So much customer data on a single screen! After only one month it's already helped me find a new opportunity" ~Account Executive, Twilio