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How does Junction work?

It's simple. Tell us who your customers are and we'll give you a super-organizer to manage them more effectively. We are the first application that lets you organize your day around your customers - the most important part of your job!

We do that by giving you a simple kanban style task-management board. But the real magic is that we can help do the work for you by surfacing thousands of hidden pieces of customer data sitting in applications and websites that are integrated into Junction, and mapping those to your tasks.

Why should I use Junction?

Because you should always have a full 360° view of your customer.

If you're looking for a better way to stay organized around your customers, use Junction.

If you're looking for compelling customer events that help land new meetings or put you in a better negotiating position, use Junction.

If you're looking to be more productive, use Junction.

How much is Junction?

$149 per month. For organizations, contact us.

How do I signup?

Currently we are invite-only, however we are letting qualified users into our beta program weekly. If you want to join the wait list, apply here.

Will I be locked in a contract?


Do you offer support?

Yes we do. You can talk to us in-app at any time.

Can I share my account with my manager for visibility?

Not right now, but soon we will enable shareable views so you can work alongside teammates and managers.

How do I edit / use your integrations?

You simply press Connect to integrate with your organization's application instance. If you are required to authenticate using SSO, we support that.

Each integration will be used differently. For application's that require data input, such as Salesforce, we allow you to edit fields instantly in-app. In other applications, the core utility is for you to view data only, like Zoominfo. So for these, the same rules apply in Junction.

How do I add integrations?

Please submit a feature request inside of the application. Integrations will be prioritized based on our customer's feedback.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All data is encrypted using the AWS Key Management Service Cryptographic Algorithm Library. Your data is secure at rest and in transit. We follow the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is included in the ISO/IEC18033-3 standard.

Where do I leave feedback?

Please leave your feeback in-app using the "Feedback" tab on the right hand side of the screen

"Junction is like the tool for your tools. So much customer data on a single screen! After only one month it's already helped me find a new opportunity" ~Account Executive, Twilio